March 14, 2021

Characteristics and Benefits of Effective Communication

Nature/Characteristics of Effective Communication

  • Two way process
  • Ongoing process
  • Meaning based
  • Social process
  • Contextual
  • Inter-disciplinary science
  • Understanding
  • Dynamic
  • More than words (signs, gestures are used)
  • Pervasive (used at all levels of management in business)

Benefits of Effective Communication

  • Stronger decision making based on timely, reliable information.
  • Faster problem solving.
  • Earlier warning of potential problems.
  • Increased productivity and lower costs.
  • Stronger business relationships.
  • Clearer and more persuasive marketing messages.
  • Enhanced professional images for both employers and companies.
  • Greater employee engagement with their work, leading to higher employee satisfaction and lower employee turnover.
  • Better financial results and higher return for investors.
  • It strengthens the connection between a company and all its stakeholders. If communication breaks down, the results can be anything from time wasting to tragic. Top managers spend as much as 85 percent of their time communicating with others.

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